Welcome to your new website. It is hosted at PowWeb, along with my sites. There is more storage space available to us on the server (300GB) than I currently have in all of our home computers. We are allowed 3 terabytes of data transfer every month. This should be adequate.

You own the domain name for two years. The folks at GoDaddy will remind me in 2009 that is coming up for renewal. (Assuming that your name has not changed by then, Christmas 2009 is all wrapped up, so to speak.)

Logistically speaking...

You can view your files at (Your username and password will be/have been given to you securely wrapped in festive paper.)
I recommend the Firefox plugin fireFTP for all of your file transfer needs (edit/upload/download/delete). The price is unbeatable...$0.

There is also a weblog set up for your use, should you be interested. Log in to edit the content (again, username and password will be hand-delivered.)

I am available to help with any of this any time. I look forward to it.

Your bro-